Big 3

Big 3

In my view, the top 3 issues in Culver City right now are the budget, hydraulic fracturing & the opening of our Culver City Expo station.

Buck Up

Last week, the Council unanimously passed the 2012-2013 budget [lots of documentation here]. It contains both bad and good: cuts in employees, $0 for new affordable housing projects, $0 for most arts programs (previously funded by Redevelopment), but on the brighter side, for the employee positions cut, most were offered positions in other departments, there was an additional $150,000 given to affordable housing services provided by Upward Bound House, and serious cuts in services were avoided… for this year. The 5-year forecast is bleak, and we’re all faced with a big choice: cut services or raise revenues. See a video presentation of “City Finance 101” by CFO Jeff Muir here and accompanying PDF here.

Beginning last night, and until July 16th, there will be a series of community meetings to educate the public and to receive community input on the financial outlook of the city. You may download the presentation here: Community Dialogue On City Finances

Saturday, June 23, 2012 – 10:00 AM El Rincon Elementary School
Monday, June 25, 2012 – 7:00 PM Veterans Memorial Rotunda Room
Monday, July 9, 2012 – 7:00 PM Linwood Howe Elementary School

The community input last night was both thoughtful and helpful. Please join us to give your insight.

Frack This

Ohhhh…. where does one start? How about a video by EarthJustice – Fracking: Things Find a Way.

How about a couple of not-so-fun facts: the Inglewood Oil Field is 1100 acres, 100 of which are in Culver City. It is the largest urban oil field in the nation. Fracking is not regulated in the state of California. Fracking has already taken place in the Inglewood Oil Field, and there are plans to do more in the future.

On June 6, the CA Department of Conservation organized a workshop in Culver City on Hydraulic Fracturing. See video of the workshop here. Culver City residents and people from around the County spoke out about their concerns regarding this controversial extraction technique. Overwhelmingly, the public called for a ban on fracking. Some of the community groups present included: Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community, Food and Water Watch, Grassroots Coalition, Baldwin Hills Oil Watch, Natural Resources Defense Council, Heal the Bay, Sierra Club, and many more.

Finally, Some Good News

Culver City’s lightrail station is opening tomorrow! After years of waiting…

Culver City bus lines 1 and 7 will be free, as will rides on the Expo line starting at Culver City & Farmdale stations (both opening tomorrow). The opening coincides with the Downtown Neighborhood Association’s Block Party. Learn more on Culver City’s website.

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