May Every Day Be Earth Day!

May Every Day Be Earth Day!

There have been many ups and downs since the first Earth Day in 1970. 41 years later, being an environmental activist is no less than fighting for a  future for human life on this planet. It is a monumental task to raise awareness, change the status quo, fight those who profit from pollution, encourage green business, teach our children a new path, and transition to a life less dependent on fossil fuels. Today is the day when international attention is brought to this effort. Will it bring us closer to making the changes we need in order to survive?

In Los Angeles, there are hundreds of Earth Day events, large and small, spanning the entire month of April.

In my little microcosm, here’s a slice of my Earth Day so far:

    Linwood E. Howe students celebrate Earth Day by going to school car-free

Safe Routes To School program's monthly initiative


Linwood E. Howe students celebrate Earth Day by going to school car-free

At school:

Linwood E. Howe Elementary School hosts monthly Walk-and-Wheel-To-School Days as part of its Safe Routes To School Program. We scheduled our April Walk/Wheel on Earth Day, part of a whole week of events focused on the environment.

At home:

After hanging the wash out to dry in the sun, I made soup broth with ingredients from our Community Supported Agriculture veggies.  CSA California provides a weekly bag of locally-grown organic fruits and vegetables that we pick up at school. $2 out of each $25 bag is given to our school to support its garden program.

Vegetable broth with organic beet & carrot greens, celery & beets


On this sunny Earth Day, I used the solar cooker to make the soup…!

Solar Cooker


In a bit, I will be heading back to my sons’ school to launch Linwood Howe’s recycling program with the Green Team.

Hope for the future?


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