News of the Ice Rink

News of the Ice Rink

Culver Ice Arena

Since the last post on the Culver City Ice Arena was written, some new information has come to light, as explained in the following press releases:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Press Release – Culver City Ice Arena – 4545 Sepulveda Boulevard

Today, the City of Culver City notified the Property Owner and Planet Granite, the New Lessee of the above property, of the following:

The City of Culver City has been evaluating information relating to the proposed change of use by Planet Granite of the Culver City Ice Arena. At the urging of the City Council, city staff continued its comprehensive, top to bottom records search regarding the Culver City Ice Arena property. As a result of the effort, late Monday evening the search disclosed the original document in an archival file that authorized the current use of the property for an ice rink and parking.

That document is a Use Variance granted in 1960, which permitted the ice rink and related parking to extend onto residentially zoned property. The Use Variance is expressly limited to the ice rink use, and does not allow other commercial uses, without further City approvals.

Therefore, given Planet Granite’s plans to utilize the existing ice rink building and surface parking for a new use, a discretionary approval process would be required. Specifically, a zone change would be needed in order to accommodate the proposed use. A zone change would require review and recommendation by the Planning Commission and ultimate approval by the City Council at a public hearing. Since the zone change is a discretionary approval, it is also subject to environmental review pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.

To date, the city has not received a variance request for the Ice Arena.

Thursday, January 31, 2014
Press Release – Culver City Ice Arena – 4545 Sepulveda Boulevard

The City of Culver City’s highest priority is its commitment to ensuring the public’s health and safety. There have been a number of rumors circulating recently regarding the Culver City Ice Arena, located at 4545 Sepulveda Blvd., and plans relating to the closure of the business by the current operator. The City would like to address these concerns.

The City of Culver City was informed by the current operator of the Culver City Ice Arena that they plan to close their doors to the public on February 2, 2014. Although the Ice Arena will no longer be accessible to the public, the equipment on site, including but not limited to, electrical power, refrigeration system, and generators, will remain operational through evaluation and determination of the system’s condition.

At the direction of the City Council, City Staff continues to work with the Ice Rink Operator and the property owner regarding the status of the facility. The goals of the City and its Fire Department are: 1) to ensure that the Ice Arena’s equipment and cooling system continue to operate in a safe manner; and 2) in the event the Ice Arena is decommissioned, that process is performed safely. The City is prepared to invoke whatever powers are necessary to ensure the public’s health, safety, and welfare during this time of transition.

City Staff realizes that the community has questions regarding the property’s status and the public’s safety. There are a number of issues that need to be addressed, along with decisions made by the property owner and any new lessee. Throughout this process, the City and its Fire Department are taking every step necessary to ensure the continued safety of the public.

Though the rink is now officially closed, the ice remains frozen while thorough environmental review is conducted.

Finally, the City received an official historic designation nomination for the rink on Friday 1/31/14 from a member of the community. The Cultural Affairs Commission and staff will study this request, and in the meantime, the defining characteristics of the building must remain in place (such as the famous sign and sculpture pictured above), and the building cannot be demolished.

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