Downtown Development: Quick! Take Your Pick

Downtown Development: Quick! Take Your Pick

“Parcel B” at 9300 Culver Blvd.  is the long-time empty lot between the Culver Hotel, Culver Studios and Trader Joe’s in Downtown Culver City. Development proposals have come and gone throughout the years, the last project having been financed by now defunct Lehman Brothers. This acre of public land is slated for development once again, with the same entitlements as the former project: “Parcel B has entitlements for a three story, 118,000 square foot, office and retail development with 84 subterranean parking spaces” according to the 02/14/11 Redevelopment Agency staff report.

Along with many residents, I have taken issue with the fact that the Redevelopment Agency (RDV for short) has insisted on maintaining the existing entitlements – why would we need more office spaces when there are already prime downtown spaces that have been sitting empty for years? Since previous projects were unsuccessful, perhaps the public needs to rethink the space entirely, under today’s circumstances? (See my previous post on entitlements and public input here.) But, the proverbial train has already left the station – the cost and time necessary to start the entitlement process anew is, according to RDV, not worth it.

What we have now is a choice between four development proposals: “Culver X” by the Tolkin Group, “Parc & Main” by Cardiff Realty Holdings, “Paseo” by Runyon Partners, and the “9300 Culver” Combined Properties Inc. proposal. After a rocky start with public input (see details in this article), RDV finally held a meeting where residents could see all four projects and speak freely with the developers on 10/24 (see staff report here). Furthermore, all five RDV Agency/Council members sincerely asked the public for their input, admitting it was a hard choice for them.

So, now it’s up to us! If you care about the development of Culver City, the use of public land, and want to have some impact, please review the projects online and let the five members of the RDV Agency (a.k.a. our Councilmembers) know what you think would best fit on this prime piece of public land in the heart of our city. You may simply pick your favorite of the proposed projects, or comment on aspects you like or don’t like about them. If you don’t like any of them, be sure to let RDV/Council know!

Mayor Mehaul O’Leary: (310) 754-9787

Vice-Mayor Scott Malsin: (310) 398-3183

Council Member Chris Armenta: (310) 384-1490

Council Member Andy Weisman: (310) 839-5217

Council Member Jeff Cooper:  (310) 344-8033

To see the projects:

Curbed LA has a very succinct presentation of the four developments here.

To download detailed materials from each developer, city staff reports, as well as developers’ contact information see Culver City’s dedicated website page.

RDV/Council will cast their decisive vote on December 5th.

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