Parcel B: Tonight’s the Night

Parcel B: Tonight’s the Night


Well folks, the developer presentations for Culver City’s Parcel B begin tonight. Here’s the game plan, according to the city’s staff report:

On October 3 and 4, the City Council/Agency Board will receive a 15-minute presentation from each of the four developers who responded with proposals, followed by comments from the public and a City Council/Agency Board question and answer session.

Following is the schedule of developer presentations: October 3, 2011:
First: Tolkin Group Second: Runyon Partners

October 4, 2011:
First: Combined Properties, Inc./Hudson Pacific Properties Second: Cardiff Realty Holdings/N3 Real Estate

Next Steps:
In November 2011, staff will return to the City Council/Agency Board with a recommendation on selecting a developer for the project.

Those interested in seeing and commenting on the presentations should come to City Hall Council Chambers, 9770 Culver Boulevard at 7pm on Monday, and 6pm on Tuesday. In order to speak or have your comments read, you must fill in a speaker card with the agenda item number, J-1, and give it to the city clerk.

FYI – site details (from Oct. 3 Staff Report):

Parcel B has entitlements for a 3-story, 115,108 sq. ft. development comprised of 40,335 sq. ft. of retail/restaurant and 74,773 sq. ft. of office use with 84 subterranean parking spaces. Redevelopment of the property using the current entitlements requires conformance to the permitted development program consistent with the environmental review for the project (i.e. the development must be consistent with the project height, vehicle trip generation and other environment factors identified in the environmental clearance.)

Download the Staff Report here.

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