Holding the election packet on December 19th – photo by Karim Sahli

The news:

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just “pulled papers” for the 2012 Culver City Council election!

As a community organizer, I’ve worked toward creating a healthy, safe and sustainable city that encourages public participation and transparent governance. In neighborhood organizations, on city and school committees, as co-founder and organizer of multiple advocacy groups, and as a fixture at City Council meetings, I’ve had the chance to hear and work alongside countless Culver City residents and city officials. I’d like to bring my experience, grassroots organizing and listening skills to the Council.

The field:

Exceptionally, four out of five Council seats are open for the election, to be held on April 10th, 2012. Incumbents Andrew Weissman and Mayor Mehaul O’Leary are running. Also expected to run is Scott Malsin, who resigned his position during the last Council meeting of the year (December 12th) in order to retain his lifetime health benefits.

Current Councilmember Christopher Armenta has decided not to run for re-election, as his job at the Board of Equalization has become increasingly demanding. That leaves Jeffrey Cooper, in the second year of his first term on the Council, as the only unchanged seat.

Potential candidates have until January 17th to pull and file their papers [this date will be extended to January 23rd, assuming incumbent Armenta doesn’t file].

Stay tuned for more information! Feel free to contact me at

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