Water Conservation: Culver City Delivers!

Water Conservation: Culver City Delivers!

Thank you Culver City residents, thank you Culver City staff!

Due to your efforts and diligence to save water, Culver City has once again surpassed its water conservation goals. Our 16% water reduction mandate was set by Golden State Water in response to Governor Brown’s Executive Order.

In September, Culver City saved 21%!

GSW Water October 2015 Update Annotated-1

Golden State Water September 2015 Report


Gold Grass at City Hall

City Hall Lawn

Going for the “Gold”

Like so many conscientious Culver City residents have done with their lawns, the City has let many public grass areas go “gold” including the northeast lawn at City Hall.

The City Council allotted $200,000 in the 2015/2016 budget to install water-saving devices at city facilities and re-design and re-landscape public spaces throughout the city. This plan takes a long-term approach to our Mediterranean climate, where cyclical drought is to be expected, and is unfortunately exacerbated by Climate Change.

Download Culver City’s Water Conservation Plan here.


For more information on Culver City’s Water conservation efforts, check out the Culver City Water Conservation Webpage.

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