UPDATED: Welcome to Sanctuary Culver City

UPDATE: Here’s the official Sanctuary City Resolution

We did it! Last night, Culver City became a Sanctuary City. With a standing-room only crowd, and over 70 speakers, the City Council passed a resolution officially making Culver City a welcoming city, regardless of immigration status. The Council voted 3-1 (with one Councilmember absent) to support a comprehensive Sanctuary policy. Even the dissenting voter still supported becoming a Sanctuary City, in a more simplified form than what was adopted.

The Resolution is being finalized to reflect Council’s additional policy directives to strengthen it, but this draft contains the baseline language. Here’s an excerpt:

The resolution was brought to the Council by a grassroots community group called the Culver City Action Network, which had previously led the Culver City Unified School District – the fourth most diverse school district in the US – to unanimously declare their school campuses as “Safe Zones.” They have also hosted “Know Your Rights” workshops to inform immigrants of their civil rights, and connected residents to resources to help them plan for their families’ safety in case of deportation.

Their proposal to the City was endorsed by the ACLU Southern California in this letter, and supported by the vast majority of speakers present.

The resolution builds on several actions by the Culver City Council and the Culver City Police Department to ensure the civil rights and equal treatment of all residents are protected and respected.

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